The Presidency





(February, 2016)

1.1 The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON), hereby issues the following Licensing Guidelines to all the States Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Boards/Agencies/Commissions (SMPWB/A/C) so as to guide and set standards in the conduct ad provision of Hajj/Umrah Services to Nigerian pilgrims.

1.2 That all SMPWB/A/C engaged in organizing and coordinating the movement of persons from Nigeria to Saudi Arabia to Perform Hajj/Umrah and other services related to the performance of Hajj/Umrah to pilgrims in Saudi Arabia shall obtain a License from the commission in line with the provision of Section 4(1) (a) of NAHCON (Establishment) Act, 2006.

2.0 Requirements for License Application

2.1 All SMPWB/A/C must fulfil/possess the following:

Pre-Licensing Requirements:

2.1.1 Be a body established by law of a House of Assembly of a state or such a parastatal/organization established by a state government or the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) or the Nigerian Armed Forces;

2.1.2 Evidence of existence of a standard corporate head office from which it carries out its operations;

2.1.3 Evidence of certified true copies of letters of appointment of the Board members and Management staff of the SMPWB/A/C;

2.1.4 The SMPWB/A/C shall have a minimum of the following Departments and/or Units: Finance/Admin, Operations, Planning, Pilgrims Education and Orientation, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Legal;

2.1.5 Submission of the organogram of the SMPWB/A/C and curriculum vitae (CV) of the senior management team and their schedule;

2.1.6 A sworn affidavit indicating that all documents submitted are genuine and verifiable;

2.1.7 Payment of the sum of =N=50,000.00 (Fifty Thousand Naira) or any other amount as may be prescribed by the Commission, in Bank Draft, being the non-refundable application fee;

3.0 Procedure of Application

The SMPWB/A/C shall:

i. Submit a formal written application addressed to the Chairman/CEO along with the prescribed non-refundable application fee.
ii. Obtain license application form at the Commission’s Headquarters in Abuja upon payment of the prescribed fees.
iii. Complete and return the form within the prescribed period stated in the form.

4.0 Post Licensing Requirements

4.1 Payment of the sum of =N=100,000.00 (one hundred thousand Naira) to the Commission as licensing fees after approval but precedent to the issuance of the license.

4.2 Submission of comprehensive pre-Hajj arrangements/plan and post Hajj report.

4.3 Submission of executed contract agreements in feeding, accommodation, suitcase and transportation (if any).

5.0 Renewal of License:

All applications for renewal of License must be supported by the following updated documents:

i. The enabling law or existing authorization that established the organization;
ii. Letter of appointment of the subsisting Board members and Management staff;
iii. Curriculum vitae (CV) of the subsisting Executives of the SMPWB/A/C;
iv. The organogram of the organization;
v. Sworn affidavit in support of any change; and
vi. Payment of the renewal fees of =N=100,000.00 (one hundred thousand Naira) or as may be otherwise prescribed.

6.0 Purpose of License:

License issued by the Commission is for the purpose of:

i. Ensuring that all corporate/non-corporate have the minimum prerequisite requirements for organizing smooth, effective, efficient and well-coordinated Hajj/Umrah services as prescribed by NAHCON Act.
ii. Serving as a legal instrument with all the rights and privileges of engagement with service providers in Nigeria or Saudi Arabia for Hajj/Umrah purposes.

7.0 Conditions for License:

The following conditions are attached to each license.

i) License issued under this guideline is for two years, or such other period as may be prescribed by the Commission unless suspended, withdrawn or revoked;
ii) The license issued to the SMPWB/A/C shall not be assigned, part with any interest in it, grant or delegate an of the rights conferred by it;
iii) The obligations and restrictions imposed by this license are in addition to and not in substitution for the obligations and restrictions imposed or implied by law; and
iv) License must be displayed in a conspicuous place at the operational Head Office of the SMPWB/A/C.


8.1 Any violation of the above conditions shall attract penalties or lead to suspension/withdrawal or revocation of the license. Similarly, the Commission may order for the withdrawal, revocation and/or suspension of a license where it appears to the Commission after due enquiry that-

a) The SMPWB/A/C is being operated in a dubious and fraudulent manner;
b) The SMPWB/A/C has/have failed, refused or ignored to comply with the directives issued by the Commission under these guidelines;
c) The Commission is satisfied that operation of the SMPWB/A/C may constitute a danger to the pilgrims who may use the services of the SMPWB/A/C;
d) The SMPWB/A/C is ordered by a competent Court of law to stop or suspend its operation;
e) The SMPWB/A/C have provided false information or falsified documents.

8.2 The Commission may by notice in writing require the SMPWB/A/C to remedy the defect within such period as may be specified in the notice and on failure to remedy the defect to the satisfaction of the Commission within the specified period, the Commission may withdraw, revoke or suspend the license issued in respect of such SMPWB/A/C.

8.3 Where a license is revoked or suspended under these Guidelines, the Commission shall by registered post, courier service, e-mail or any other appropriate manner inform the SMPWB/A/C of the revocation or suspension which shall take effect immediately.

9.0 Classification of Licenses:

9.1 The Commission shall classify every license issued to SMPWB/A/C in a class consistent with the minimum standard with which it is proposed to operate.

9.2 For the purposes of this guideline, a SMPWB/A/C may be classified as follows;

i. Category A;
ii. Category B;
iii. Category C;

9.3 Slot allocation will be based on SMPWB/A/Cs performance in the pilgrim’s welfare services, adherence to rules and regulations, demand, utilization of previous year’s allocations and such other factors to be determined by the Commission.

10.0 Minimum Standards for Hajj/Umrah Services:

For the purposes of this guideline, the following are basic requirements for Hajj/Umrah Services which all SMPWB/A/C should comply with and those other additional services that may be negotiated and contracted with their pilgrims:

i. Screening and ensuring that the intending pilgrim(s) is/are eligible to undertake the Hajj/Umrah pilgrimage.
ii. Verification and confirmation of ownership and validity of pilgrim’s travel documents.
iii. Securing of the appropriate Hajj/Umrah visa for the pilgrim(s).
iv. Accommodation arrangements throughout the agreed duration of the pilgrim’s valid stay in Makkah.
v. Arrangements for the pilgrim’s transportation within Nigeria.
vi. Arrangement for appropriate logistics for the management and evacuation of pilgrim’s luggage in Nigeria.
vii. Liaise with the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria for pilgrims’ transportation in Saudi Arabia.
viii. Ensure strict compliance with Performance Status Report (PSR).
ix. Organise enlightenment programme on Hajj/Umrah rites, rules and regulations governing the trip and other general advice.
x. Issuance of receipts for all payments made by intending pilgrim(s) in respect of services rendered or to be rendered.
xi. Organise the reception and orderly departure of pilgrims at the designated departure airport(s) in Nigeria and in Saudi Arabia.
xii. Provision of detailed information about itinerary, accommodation and class of travel in a manner that can be clearly understood by the pilgrim.
xiii. Keep copies of pilgrim’s passport, ticket, and passport photograph.
xiv. Formally report anything that happens to the pilgrim in terms of serious sickness, accident, death, arrest or other occurrences that might affect his travel plan, to either the Commission, Saudi Ministry of Hajj or the Saudi Police.
xv. Maintain a constant contact with their pilgrims and keep channels of communication open at all times.
xvi. Process, in the event of death, the pilgrim(s)’ death certificate and document the burial arrangements.
xvii. Report any unresolved dispute with their pilgrims for mediation, arbitration or appropriate action as the Commission may deem fit.
xviii. Proper co-ordination of pilgrim’s movement, stay and welfare during the Masha’ir period (Mina, Arafat and Muzdalifah).
xix. Strict adherence to pilgrim’s registration guidelines issued by the Commission.
xx. Strict adherence to the terms and conditions of all executed contract agreements.

11.0 Inspection and Monitoring:

11.0 The inspection and monitoring of the SMPWB/A/C will be carried out by the Commission or any other person so authorised with or without prior notice and a written report of such inspection shall be considered for qualitative assessment.

11.2 The issuance/reissuance of license to the SMPWB/A/C shall be further guided by the results of the inspection and outcome of any investigation or complaints against the SMPWB/A/C.

12.0 Miscellaneous Provisions:

12.1 The Commission further reserves the right to on reasonable suspicion as it deems fit withdraw, suspend, revoke any license issued, and may refuse to issue license to any applicant as provided under section 16(3) of NAHCON (Establishment) Act,2006.

12.2 The Commission will publish the classification of the various SMPWB/A/C for the general information of the public.

These guidelines provide for licensing of State Muslim Pilgrims’
Welfare Board/Commission/Agency requirements and may be
reviewed by the Commission from time to time as the need arises. Non compliance with any provision of this guideline shall attract sanction
in line with the extant provisions provided under the Hajj & Umrah (Registration, Licensing and Operations) Regulations, in addition to reduction of slot allocation.