Welcome to NAHCON Hajj Savings Platform

The National Hajj Savings Scheme creates an avenue for intending Nigerian Muslim pilgrims to save towards fulfilling one of the pillars of Islam; going on Hajj (pilgrimage to the holy lands of Makkah and Madina). The scheme provides for intending pilgrims to go for Hajj from Nigeria, irrespective of their income, locality and status.

The scheme assists low income earners and the general public to save at their convenience, towards meeting their goal of going on Hajj.

Click this link https://hajjsavings.jaizbankplc.com to enrol on Hajj Savings Scheme (HSS)

This is an arrangement organized by National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) and States Pilgrims Welfare Boards (SPWB) in partnership with Jaiz Bank to provide a long-term savings platform for people who intend to build their savings for Hajj.

No, once you saved up to the full amount for Hajj payment, you will be notified that you now qualify to perform Hajj and your savings will be automatically transferred to NAHCON e-Hajj portal for your Hajj slot.

The HSS is a queue-based system (first come, first served). Enable pilgrim pay over a period of time.

It is established based on Mudaraba (partnership) principle.

You can participate in the scheme by registering and opening of an Account on the platform through the State Pilgrims Welfare Board Offices, HSS web portal (hajjsavings.jaizbankplc.com) or any Jaiz Bank Branch

Any Muslim irrespective of Age or Social Status.

You can open a Hajj Savings Account through the State Pilgrims Welfare Board Offices, HSS web portal or any Jaiz Bank Branch.

Provision of a Bank Verification Number (BVN), National Identification Number

(NIN), passport photograph and Utility bill (Optional)

Yes, parents/guardians who have BVN and NIN can open an account for children/wards.

You can deposit over-the-counter at any Jaiz Bank Branches, or any Bank Branch via collections platform (e-Bills) or direct transfer through any electronic channel or agency banking.

You can make deposit spontaneously or at a desired plan (daily, weekly, monthly, biannually).

No, you cannot. The account is for Hajj Deposit. It may be entertained in the future.

Yes, profit is shared between the Bank (as the Mudarib) and the customer (as Rabbul Maal) based on pre-agreed sharing ratio.

The scheme covers all components of Hajj fare of a particular year.

Yes, you can withdraw completely from the scheme by giving adequate notice to the Bank.

The heirs of the deceased subscriber shall access the funds after providing letter of Administration from a court of competent jurisdiction.

The excess amount can be used to commence a new savings plan or balance transferred to customers checking account (savings or current account). 20-Can I make Hadaya payment through the Hajj Savings Account?

Yes, an intending pilgrim can add payment of Hadaya into his/her HSS Account.

The Bank has made adequate arrangements to insulate pilgrims from loss. However, when loss is recorded over and above the arrangements of the Bank, the principle of loss sharing under Mudarabah arrangement shall apply.

It is a principle of Shariah financial transaction where an depositor (Rabbul Maal) puts his money into a business that will be run/operated by the Bank (Mudarib) and they share profit and loss on a pre-determined ratio.

Your slot will be reserved for the succeeding year subject to availability of your chosen State

The minimum waiting time will depend on the number of subscribers that have fulfilled their conditions before you

You will be moved to the next available State or next available year.

Potential subscribers are encouraged to obtain a BVN and NIN from the nearest bank or BVN enrolment centre and the nearest National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) registration centres before enrolling under the scheme as they are mandatory requirements

A subscriber will be notified of his/her eligibility to perform Hajj 12 months in advance

No, at the moment the HSS is for Hajj only.

Hajj Savings Scheme
Hajj Savings Scheme
Hajj Savings Scheme