The Presidency





(February, 2016)


The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria hereby issues the following pilgrims accommodation guideline so as to guide and set standards of pilgrims’ accommodation and accommodation providers requirements.
All Accommodation providers interested in the provision of pilgrims’ accommodation for Nigerian pilgrims in Makkah and Madinah shall fulfill the following requirements:
Any company applying to provide pilgrims’ accommodation shall:
I. Be duly registered as a corporate entity by the Saudi Authorities with a minimum share capital of SR 500,000.00 (five hundred thousand Saudi Riyals);
II. Be duly registered with the Mu’assasah/Adillah Establishment and Saudi Ministry of Hajj E-Track system;
III. Be duly licensed as a pilgrims’ accommodation provider by the appropriate authority of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia;
IV. Have a corporate standard office with a permanent signboard conspicuously displayed therein;
V. Have at least five (5) years’ experience in accommodating Nigerian Pilgrims satisfactorily or any company with verifiable capacity to provide the required services;
VI. Have representative/staff who should at all times respond to any enquiry that may be made by the Commission’s representatives in the course of inspection or other clarifications needed; and
VII. Must produce appropriate documents from the Mu’assasah and the Adillah that the accommodation services rendered for the previous years were satisfactory and in line with the extant regulations.
The building to be provided shall;
I. Be duly registered with the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and other relevant Saudi Agencies;
II. Be duly licensed for the season as pilgrims’ accommodation by the relevant Saudi Authority;
III. The authorized capacity of the building should be 500 bed spaces and above;
IV. Be situated within one (1) kilometer radius from the Haram in both Makkah and Madinah. Where the distance is beyond one (1) kilometer radius, shuttle bus to and from the Haram shall be provided on daily basis at a ratio of one 25-seater bus to 150 pilgrims;
V. The toilet ratio per pilgrim must not exceed six (6) pilgrims per toilet within the building;
VI. Be situated in a suitable environment
VII. Have adequate kitchen, dining facilities and service areas within the building;
VIII. Have standard bedding facilities (clean bed sheets, pillows, blankets, etc);
a. Have functional and adequate lifts (minimum of four lifts) facility within building;
b. Have available staircases and emergency exits as required by law;
c. Have functional and adequate air conditioners;
IX. Have first aid kits and adequate water dispensers;
X. Be accessible by bus and where applicable to Taraddudiyya route; and
XI. Have curtains and room identification with its dimensions in meters and record of occupants displayed.
The following facilities would be an added advantage:
a. Refrigerators in each room;
b. Curtains and wardrobes in each room;
c. CCTV System;
d. Central Public Address System;
e. Facilities for people with disabilities;
f. Television sets with satellite in each room
In addition to the above, applicants shall undertake to provide the following services:
I. Keeping the rooms and the environment clean at all times;
II. Changing of beddings periodically;
III. Providing lift operators in the accommodation;
IV. Daily supervision of the accommodation;
V. Service staff must be gender based with male staff, in male accommodation areas;
VI. Provision of Zamzam water periodically;
VII. Provision of luggage lifting services;
VIII. Provision of constant and uninterrupted drinking and utility water; and
IX. Provision of security personnel round the clock.
4.1 Applicants should submit the following along with their application form:
a. Certified translated copies of all Arabic documents (Company license, accommodation licenses, lease agreements, registration documents, bank references, etc) in English language;
b. A legally binding document indicating ownership of the accommodation provided or duly executed lease with the landlord;
c. Soft copies of all information concerning houses and their locations as well as the floor plan;
d. Comprehensive company profile; and
e. Evidence of financial strength to undertake the business such as Bank reference/statement.
4.2 All applicants MUST bring along and present the following during the screening exercise:
a. Original copies of all documents attached (for sighting only);
b. Letter of authorization from the applicant Company for representatives that are not owners/Directors of the company; and
c. Pictures of the accommodations to be provided showing front, side and rear views; reception; lifts; room setting; kitchen; dining area and toilet.
The SMPWB/C/A should ensure that:
I. Their selected accommodation providers are amongst the approved list shortlisted and forwarded to the SMPWB/C/A by the Commission in the prescribed format;
II. Have duly filled and returned the necessary assessment tools provided by the Commission;
III. There is a designated officer in charge of accommodation whom must be a bonafide staff of the SMPWB/C/A;
IV. The building meets the requirement and standard set by the Commission;
V. Any proposed intervention over and above the bench mark recommended by the Commission must be justified by the SMPWB/C/A and subject to clearance by the Commission;
VI. Any payment below the benchmark should also be declared to the Commission and only such amount should be charged in the Hajj fare package of the SMPWB/C/A, otherwise appropriate sanction will be applied by the Commission;
VII. In the event of multiple houses with different rates each building should be considered on its own merit and declared to the Commission as negotiated otherwise appropriate sanction will be applied;
VIII. Unified lease agreement with the landlord/agent must be properly executed and attested to by the Commission; and
IX. Copy of the executed lease agreement must be deposited with the Commission’s Legal Unit.
X. Pilgrims are to be accommodated on gender basis by floors, section or building where applicable.
XI. That the management of the pilgrims’ accommodation is in accordance with e-track requirements.
XII. Daily supervision of the accommodation and making appropriate report to the Commission.
These guidelines provide for pilgrims accommodation
Requirements and may be reviewed by the Commission from
time to time as the need arises. Non compliance with any
provision of this guideline shall attract sanction in line with
the extant provisions provided under the Hajj & Umrah
(Registration, Licensing and Operations) Regulations, in
addition to reduction of slot allocation